Words cannot describe the immense gratitude that I have for all the support my family has received.
Mother of 14 year old student

I heard comments such as ‘he will catch up because he is a very bright boy’ or ‘you are over reacting he is just a late bloomer.’ After meeting with you I realized I was right. I felt that I had not acted quickly enough to obtain the help he needed. But less than a year later I am just speechless and my eyes swell with tears every time I hear him read.
Mother of a 7 year old student

Thanks for being a ‘life changer’ to Alison and our family.
Mother of a 13 year old teenager

I like coming here because you don't make me feel bad if I don't know something. I know that I'm learning. I know that you will help me until I can help myself. We have fun too!

A few weekends ago while shopping, Steven stood in the card aisle and began to read the cards out loud. He was so intent reading cards out loud that a woman next to us commented what a good reader he was. I couldn’t help but smile and think yes, my son can read. Thank you for all the support and help that you have given us.
Father of an 8 year old boy

You view my son as a funny, important, smart individual that will succeed, and this is valuable after worrying so much about how his poor reading skills would affect his future.
Mother of a 7 year old boy

Thank you so much. You have helped me with so much. Even when I didn’t show up, you didn’t give up. Thanks again, I will miss you.
Written by an elementary age student

We want to thank you for all the patience you’ve had, and for the time you’ve spent helping Henry. We just want to wish you the best. You have made such a difference in his life.

One of the best things to ever happen to me in life was meeting you and being introduced to your wonderful team. I feel lucky to have had you work with both James and me, I can see the love for children you have through the work you did with James!
Mother of a 7 year old boy

AZ Dyslexia Center came highly recommended for their wealth of experience and ability to use several proven programs to work with students with dyslexia. I discovered for myself how their compassion, passion and commitment makes all the difference in how our student received the programming.
Mother of 9 year old boy

Prior to a diagnosis of dyslexia, our son was shamed, blamed, and even ignored in educational experiences. His fear and anger was so high I had to sit in on one of his first tutoring sessions. Yet I am so glad I got to see first-hand how a master teacher works, always guiding a child to the goal. I had to hide my tears of joy as well as laughter as he was smoothly coaxed into learning. I no longer sit in and our son is learning that he can read, spell and write!
Mother of an elementary age student

Your wealth of experience and knowledge allows you to quickly adjust to our son’s needs both in the moment and long-term. It is more than just working through a proven program.
Mother of 7 year old student

Your experience and willingness to help both our son and ourselves to figure out what he needs to be successful – both in his studies and his sense of self – are priceless.
Mother of a 7 year old student